Personal Loans

Personal Loans with fixed payment terms for the life of your loan. Consolidating debt, replacing credit cards, or financing a large purchase? A Personal Loan from SCE FCU is a great way to get a loan based on your good credit.

Lines of Credit

Similar to a credit card, you’ll have a set limit available. You pay interest only on the amount you use. A Line of Credit is also great to set up as free overdraft protection for your checking account.

Signature Loans

Need money for something specific? You can use a signature loan for just about anything! Cover unexpected personal expenses, consolidate debt, take a dream vacation - all with one easy, low-rate signature loan. With a fixed term and low rate, a signature loan may be the perfect solution for larger purchases you need a little time to pay off.

Share-/Certificate-Secured Loans

Make your money work for you. With this loan, your funds on deposit act as your collateral. While these funds are pledged against your loan, they continue to earn interest as they ordinarily would. It’s the best of both worlds.