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  • Information Regarding Equifax Breach

    As news comes in about the Equifax breach, we'd like to take a moment to remind members of steps you can take to secure your personal information. Please monitor your bank and credit card accounts and report any unusual charges right away. Adding a password to your account for call-in transactions is also advised, so no one can call and impersonate you.

  • Fraud Alert - blog image

    Fraud Alert from SCE FCU

    September 06, 2016 | Alerts

    We've recently learned of several SCE FCU members that have fallen victim to fraud. Someone claiming to be legitimate reached out to them and asked for their password - and they gave it to them...

  • scefcu - blog images

    Due to unusually high levels of fraudulent card activity, debit card transactions originating in India will be blocked. As always, it's best to let us know when you'll be traveling.